Besides facts about fibromyalgia it’s easy to suffering silence. Fibromyalgia is sometimes called the invisible illness because there are very few symptoms.
Medical professional develops guidelines to help diagnose fibromyalgia. We currently don’t understand what cases  it , but it is very very difficult to treat it effectively.

Here are few facts about fibromyalgia which we won’t ignore:

  1. Fibromyalgia the “invisible disease” over 12 million people suffer from fibromyalgia every day. That number is targeted.
  2. Symptoms of fibromyalgia range from: Chronic widespread body pain to impaired cognitive ability. When the people call these impaired cognitive abilities as Fibro Fog, because they feel like there’s a fog which create a pain.
  3. Women’s are 10 times more likely to develop fibromyalgia. We don’t know why this is but this is a stunning fact.
  4. Some Fibromyalgia patients spend $1000 or more on their insurance every single month for their treatments.

These facts about fibromyalgia of the statistics are sample but these facts are useful for fibromyalgia, so don’t lose hope. Many pain professionals have spend their lives trying to uncover causes of fibromyalgia.

Organizations like the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic pain Association work to support patients with pain conditions like fibromyalgia. There are many official sites where we become well educated about fibromyalgia, so you can check articles and updates daily there.


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