6 things about great leaders

I have write a lot of articles on leadership and qualities of great leaders. Today I want to tell you 6 things about great leaders. These are not God gifted qualities but leaders must have these unique things in their personalities. Every day leaders get the things done or even some don’t at the end of the day but these qualities help them a lot.

Every person is a leader in his own life. Whether he is on job or in house, he work as a leader and if he has these qualities his life will be in balance position. So the end is that what ever position you have in leadership you should know about these 6 things about great leaders.

Great Leaders Must Be passionate:

Be passionate and believe in the mission you planed for. You and your team must know and believe that you can do it. The simple fact here is to inspire others.  How do we know if we are accomplishing this goal as leaders? It comes down to two things: passion and leading by example.

Understand your limits:

Even great leaders can’t do everything or even them can not solve every problem they are facing. Here a leader must focus on their strengths and workout on their weaknesses. A best leader always overcome his weaknesses by outsourcing it to a trusted team member. High performance teams compromise with each other members and they have diverse skills.

Embrace what you don’t know:

 A best and great leader develop such a culture where they embrace change and learn something new. Great leader work on sharing and accepting information to know what they don’t know.
Find the purpose behind what you do:
Great leaders first know the purpose of what they do. They are clear about their mission and vision. The know the existence of his team and how to communicate and handle the team members. Leaders let their team member know that why the team exists and why they communicate with each other. After knowing the reason of team set up they take initiative and accomplish the goals.

Know that execution can’t happen without the team:

Without a team there can be no true leadership. Great leaders take a large share of the blame when things go wrong and very little share of the victory when the team wins. They provide the team with the right information and resources, remove obstacles and know when to get out of the way.

Recognize that the path to winning may be different than the one you originally thought:

Change is inevitable. Winning teams understand this and their leaders evangelize adaptation. Planning is great but plans change. Great leaders invest time and resources in preparing their team and developing the soft skills necessary for building a winning culture.

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