President Donald Trump has issued an official order about Health Insurance to federal administrator’s board authority to waive or decrease the penalties and other taxes related to Affordable Care Act. The reason is that all the requirements for every single to buy health insurance are still the law of United States.

Now the clock is moving quickly towards the Tuesday, “The Deadline Day” provided for buying health insurance coverage for 2017.

Trump’s order will not be dismantled because this was signed into law by the former President Barak Obama in March 2010. Nancy Kelley, the director of the Expanding Coverage program said that proper legislative action is required to revoke the law, and further it requires the insurers to cover different defensive services at no charge and to forbid insurers from rejecting coverage.

Deadline for Health Insurance

Kelly said in Friday news release that any person who does not have health insurance will be subject to penalty at the time of filing their income tax.

Personal assistance about health insurance coverage is available free of cost throughout the state to help people find the best and right plan for them.

People can find different locations for help assistance at findlocalhelp or by calling 1-800-466-3213 to talk to someone and make an appointment. In addition to in-person help, information and resources are available at

If any person fail to enroll in 2017 for health coverage, they will be charged for a penalty amounting $ 695 or 2.5 percent of a person’s yearly income, whichever is higher will be paid. Child younger than 18 year are charged $347.5 per year. Maximum penalty per person is about $ 2,085, which will be assessed in tax returns of 2017.

The Affordable Care Act was enforced in 2010, and the uninsured rate has fallen to 26%. More than 203,000 residents have gained coverage since 2010. The reports show that family premiums in Missouri are $1,300 lover on average than the percentage of growth that was occurring in the health insurance market before the Affordable Care Act.

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