House Of Cards netflix season

The political play that strikes the great streamer’s great impulse in creative programming, showing the spending that has been spent.

Frank Underwood’s mandate in Washington is about to end.

Netflix now makes a sixth and last season of the House of Cards, the historic comedy that has launched its strong great push in creative programming.

The final execution of the House of Cards, which throws Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as scary and ambitious pair of belts will debut its last 13 episodes in 2018. The executive producers Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese, who exchanged the creator departs Beau Willimon last year, are both likely to return as co-showrunners.

House Of Cards netflix season

The official word in the end, which has been in work since mid-afternoon, comes at a difficult time for Spacey. The star and executive producer is involved in the sexual assault scandal with an actor saying Spacey has advanced strong progress towards him when he was 14. Spacey, in turn, responded to being sad for “wrong drunk behavior” and appeared as gay. Neither apology nor admission met with a positive response. (Netflix has issued its own reaction and says that those in the flag are “deeply worried” by the requirements.)

The House of Cards was predominantly important to the band. The news Spacey and director David Fincher have led to the launch of the project, a copy of a British series and a novel by Michael Dobbs with the same name as a tragedy for the United States triggered several bids from American developers (including HBO) before they finally go to Netflix with a serial order for two seasons at a price which is then estimated at about $ 100 million. This was 2011 before the stream had become a dominant player in original programming and when filmmakers like Spacey and Fincher move from movie to tv were still a bit surprising. The House of Cards was distributed in 2013.

The show saw critical affection wax and decreased over the years but has remained the flagship made a Netflix increasingly prolonged. House of Cards is also a regular favorite at Emmy, with 46 nominations and six wins today. (It also has a Peabody and two Golden Globes).

Netflix has changed dramatically around the House of Cards, increasing content to spend $ 6 billion per year flabbergasting with more than 30 current series. And while games are still at stake, it has sharply increased its subscriber base, which is now over 100 million users worldwide.

The renewal of the card house will also come sometime in Netflix’s plan. The newly arrived company showed a common method, announces the endlessly fast draws it comes down and Sense8 and One-time Girlboss comedy. However, the average beat is much stronger than that of its traditional TV participants. Without any public rating barometer, he recently introduced Stranger Things, The Crown, 13 reasons why Caro White People and GLOW were considered industry’s success only on cultural impact.

Performed by Spacey, Fincher, Wright, Dana Brunetti and many other notes, the House of Cards is made by Media Rights Capital and Trigger Street Productions.

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