A lot of question arise in your mind, if you have cancer. You know that the doctors are the persons, they get mentally to the patient and need to encourage them and to take away them in the death sentence. You have a great story about cancer, and many others too have many such events and stories which we can understand and learn from them. Here’s the simple tips by Dr. Leonard Coldwell which you should do if you have cancer.

Somebody they recently diagnosed with cancer or if you have cancer or somebody close to you has cancer shouldn’t ignore this advice by Dr.Leonard Coldwell. Some important questions has been asked from Dr. Leonard in an interview you should read over here.

Dr Leonard said that first of all every cancer patient need to ask themselves what cost my cancer? And then they would say I don’t know what cost my cancer otherwise I have no cancer.

Dr. Leonard said if you are my patient I would ask from you:

  • What cost your cancer?
  • What do you think could off cost your cancer?
  • What do you think who or what could contribute to the development  of cancer?

These are the main questions we have to ask from ourselves if you have cancer patients. If we think we will really find the answer. Dr. Leonard said if you don’t stop asking those questions which stated above.

In most cases there was a traumatic event before diagnosing with cancer. The traumatic events might be divorce, somebody getting in a situation like losing their house or losing their job after 30 years or losing a child soon death and things like that  happen before diagnosing with cancer.

 if you have cancer

So very after and that extremely traumatic event should let to the origin of internal statements like “I don’t want to live any longer”. So very opting cancer is an internal suicide attempt  or subconscious  suicide comment.

In these cases you need to immediately get polnes house box and starting detoxifying your system. You need to be on a raw food diet unless you are 100 percent healthy. After that I’m always telling everybody, if you need to be 70% right you would be 30% wrong and you should be fine if you are healthy. If you are not healthy, you need to do 100% to right thing and diet.

Dr. Leonard said I always recommend to my patients to get false box about the raw food diet and the day light diet and this kind of things.

I always suggest my patients to have proper diet on time. It’s basically detoxification that’s good to healthy living diet because our new cell can only be built as a materiel we give our body to build new cells.
Our PH level must be 7.36. Cancer cannot exist in dose diet is must to achieve the good ph level.

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