Multiple Sclerosis battle Shemar Moore

Criminal Minds actor told her mother’s “Marilyn”  battle with Multiple Sclerosis. He disclose the store after shw was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

The actor told people that after a long battle with multiple sclerosis her mother was diagnosed in 1999. I go through the whole denial things for a couple of years. I take some aspirin and go to sleep …. You will be find. You will be fine and again I got the message and slow down.

In the start Moore was not too much serious. He was thinking that everything will be ok soon. But after some time passed he realized that how much this disease is effecting his mother’s health. Now the time begins and he start thinking that what could he do for her mother.

Moore said that her mother was scared and always asking for help, so I always there to help her in the right direction. The actor was the only child and he took her mother from San Francisco to Los Angeles so she would be close by. By the time I just been learning about meds and learning about how Multiple sclerossi effects different people. We were thinking that she would be on wheelchair soon but by doing some homework and really seeing that what Multiple Sclerosis was all about. We steadily learn how multiple sclerosis is effecting her health, but not completely.

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Moore admits his mother, now 72, still has her “down days.” But other days, “she’s bouncing around and trying to do a little dance in the kitchen, going down to the beach or to a ballgame or goes out with friends to a play or a dinner.”

Moore has also turned his attention to raising awareness about the disease. He’s raised significant funds through his self-described “fun, cute, silly, sexy” clothing line Baby Girl and cycles 100-miles annually for the Bike MS: Coastal Challenge.

“People may see me as an advocate, and I guess I am, but I just don’t see myself that way,” Moore says. “I’m gonna ride that bike every year, as long as my body will allow it, and it will because I’m healthy, I don t have MS, and I’m gonna continue to hug my mother.”

And his mother couldn’t be more grateful.

“My quality of life is totally determined by Shemar’s generosity,” says Marilyn, who will be honored alongside her son at the Southern California and Nevada Chapters of the National MS Society at the organization’s Dinner of Champions on Thursday. “You take care of your parents, you put your kids through college, and then it’s kind of you. I wasn’t expecting this.”

“She drives me crazy and she’s a pain in my ass, but she’s my mother and I wouldn’t have the life I have without her and how strong she was to give me the life that I have,” Moore counters. “My love for my mom is real and I want her to beat this damn thing. She’s my Super Woman and she needs to know that someone is out there fighting for her at all times.”

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