To get pregnant quickly, our grandmothers had their tips and tricks. However, all are not valid … and some are even dangerous. An update with Dr. Laure Abensur, GP and former midwife.

To get pregnant, you have to love the night of full moon .

FALSE. It does absolutely nothing! Popular belief attributes many “superpowers” to the moon is thought to actually grow hair, it triggers childbirth, she can not sleep, it whitens laundry … Yet scientists are categorical: the moon has absolutely no impact on our health – other than psychological, of course. Although the moon causes the tides, it is a physical phenomenon that takes place on a large scale: the oceans. In other words, it does not interact with body fluids …

Howa to Get Pregnant Easily

Is it then a better time as any to get pregnant during the year? Perhaps. Thus, in November 2016 , of the Indiana University researchers (the United States) showed that December was the best month to conceive. Based on a sample of 27,000 pregnancies, they also determined that the month of June was the least favorable, with a preterm birth rate higher than the average.

Women who want a baby should eat fennel, garlic, ginger, ginseng, asparagus, citrus fruits, evening primrose oil, Nigel seeds …

FALSE. Dietary supplements, nutritional programs and diets that “boost fertility” is the blank. To be healthy – this allows to get pregnant more easily! – It is especially necessary to adopt a balanced diet: fat, carbohydrates and proteins at each meal (in reasonable quantities!), Adequate hydration (water) and 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day (for vitamins and antioxidants). And fatty foods is limited (meats, butter, cream), salt (chips, cakes appetizers) and sweet (soft drinks, candy). Similarly, no food is forbidden when it is desired to have a baby …

Warning: Obesity is an infertility factor. When the BMI is greater than 30, the number of eggs available decreases and menstrual disorders may occur. Conclusion: keep an eye on the balance … without a fixate!

Before making love, drink a glass of champagne / a glass of white wine / red balloon Guaranteed baby!

FALSE. Even when consumed in moderation, the alcohol affects the fertility: it is the result of a study conducted in the US in October 2013 on 91 women. The researchers found that a glass a week was lower by 20% the chances of conceiving and that as of 3 drinks a week, the chances of getting pregnant were divided by 2 …

Remember, beyond two drinks a day for a woman (50 cl of beer, 20 cl of wine, 5 cl of whiskey or pastis), it becomes a “consumer risk” in the eyes of the body medical.

After love, keep the legs in the air. Or lie down at least 20 min with a cushion under the buttocks.

FALSE. The specialist is formal: it has no interest. Some figures to understand: on average, ejaculation corresponds to a volume of 3 to 4 ml. However, in each milliliter, there are about 100 million sperm cells, which run at a speed of 2 to 3 mm / min. Their life in the body of the woman is 3 to 4 days. Both say they do not need us to reach the egg! The gravity will not change much …

The shower (or bath) after the love is not discouraged: all is to avoid douching, which can cause fungal infections by the deterioration of the vaginal flora.

The best position to get pregnant is the missionary. The woman should certainly not be over!

FALSE. Again, given the volume of ejaculation , speed and lifespan of sperm, gravity does not really impact on fertilization … Conclusion: no need to limit your Kamasutra to maximize your chances of conceiving!

The more positions, it is the frequency of sex is important. Thus, the expert points out that making love once a day, it was about a 50% chance (on the ring) to carry a pregnancy to term. To be sure of getting pregnant, it should at least do somersaults every other day!

Furthermore, in August 2010, a US study of 3000 women seeking to conceive showed that it took about 104 sex (at 4 reports a week for 6 months) to get pregnant. It’s a sport!

To have a baby, you have to DE-stares-ser.

TRUE. There they said “yes” to 100%. It’s proven: by disrupting the functioning of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis (the endocrine system, one that manages hormone production), stress promotes infertility. Also, to get pregnant, it is especially necessary to decompress. Relaxation therapy, Qi Gong, mindfulness meditation, swimming, weekend at the seaside … All solutions are good, as long as they help you to relieve pressure.

In October 2016 , a US study of 50 women with infertility showed that 45 minutes of yoga a week allowed to lower the anxiety of about 20%. We try ?

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