Hello everybody! As you know that I have lost a lot of weight and so people started bombarding me with questions.  Eco Slim is an alternative to diets & fitness which we ignore. Here’s the complete picture which tell you everything from start to end.
Alternative to Diets & FitnessIn the start I feel headache while answering to all of you, but still I am trying my best to provide all the relevant information and full support to all of you. Still I feel that the answers I have provided is not enough because for every question to listen, I should be online all the time, and which is almost impossible for me, so I decided to write this post to answer all the questions you have asked. This doesn’t mean that you people can not write to me or ask questions from me, it is just to make my life much easier, and you will get your answer on time.

How to lose weight easily

It took me only 30 Days! AMAZING RESULT, RIGHT?


I have never been slim and skinny from the start but I noticed that I am gaining more and more weight. The fact was, three creases appeared on my belly. My legs, butt and hips were getting bigger and I was watching it with no solution for it. Thought I daily try something for losing weight but failed. I stopped eating greasy and other heavy food and start my diet plan. After a hard struggle and tight diet plan my weight reach to 78 kilos after a month. I further keep an eagle eye on my diet and this time I feel weakness due to tight diet plan. After that I started weight losing pills and it again didn’t work. When I leave the diet plan and pills the lost kilos come back to my exhausted body.

No Diet plan and no pills help me, everything I tried is just a rip-off!
Working out is too hard and a slow process for burning fat. So what to do now?

How I went from 95kg to 65kg weight loss tips

After tying everything and maintaining a proper diet and spending hours in gym I gave up completely. I spend thousands of pounds but no success. One day I read an article about ECO Slim on a website and I decided to give a try to it. I have read that many celebrities like Katy Perry, J-Lo and Demi Moore have used this product for losing weight but still I was in doubt. I checked all the reviews that was impressive and I started to try it.

Millions of women in Asia used Eco Slim with 100% result. Research shows about 14 to 20 Kg weight lost in 3 Weeks!

I decided to buy the product and went on Eco Slim website and double checked everything before ordering. The product arrive in couple of weeks. I started two capsules daily, 30 minutes before meal.

How to lose weight in 30 days

Eco Slim is an Alternative to Diets & Fitness which you have never seen before.


The result was amazing, after two weeks 1 to 13 kg lose in weight. My hips and belly become smaller and I start believing that I could be beautiful without any diet and exercise.

At the end of third week I almost lost another 6kg of weight and I become fore fit and slim.

I finally achieved my goal within 30 days. My belly was gone and I lost about 30kg I had never dared to dream about.

Eco Slim was tested by (NAS) National Academy of Sciences in 2016. That was the amazing results from the research.

Don’t Think Just Do it. Stop dreaming and get it now!

Here’r the answers to the question people asked on Facebook.

Do you have any stretch marks?
No, Eco Slim doesn’t leave any stretch marks because its main component – unroasted coffee beans – contains chlorogenic acid.
What happened to the skin? Did it manage to tighten that quickly?
Yes it did! Neither my friends who tried Eco Slim nor I have any problems with the stretch marks or cellulite anymore!
What should I eat? What diet plan should I follow?
As I have said, I am against all those diets – and you don’t really need then if you drink Eco Slim regularly.
Is it true that you shouldn’t eat after 6 p.m. if you don’t want to gain weight?
That’s a stereotype! You should eat whenever you feel hungry ! Of course, it’s better for your health and metabolism if you eat 4-5 times a day but not too much!

Anyone who have tried Eco Slim and find the results satisfactory, please feel free to hit the share button and post your comment here! This way you will help other for choosing the right product. Thanks for reading it.

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